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A veteran photographer, Stephen has spent his 25 years behind the lens known as, "The Guy With The Camera."  His shutter-happy finger makes him the go-to guy among friends and colleagues for both formal and candid memory-making. With 10 years in business management, 10 years in photography equipment sales, and 5 years in technical studio lighting, Stephen has successfully turned a childhood hobby into a lifelong professional calling.  Over the years, he has enjoyed private wedding and portrait work as well as commercial photography.  Wherever he travels, including England, France, Germany, Egypt, and every state in the Union, Stephen uses his technical expertise and well-honed instincts to capture what delights his eye and bring it to life for viewers. Each project is an opportunity to take the everyday human gaze, strip away the ordinary, and turn it into a masterful rendering of visual art.


Stephen Zimmerman

Tasha Bielaga

With 5 years of photography experience and an admiration for architecture, Tasha started in real estate photography to combine their passions. They have a background in fine art and portraiture photography, and are an artist and a visionary. Tasha also has 5 years of customer service experience and is always ready to help meet the specific needs of a project. 

Nicole Tignor

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